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Why I Switched From a Rotary Shaver for The Head - Lacatang Market

Why I Switched From a Rotary Shaver for The Head

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a guy who spends a lot of time thinking about his appearance. In fact, I spend so much time thinking about it that I frequently experiment with new grooming habits to see if something sticks. For example, have you ever heard of guys using a foil shaver for the head? Well, I did and decided to give it a whirl. In case you don’t know what a foil shaver is, it’s basically an electric razor with an oscillating blade at the end that pivots side to side. The idea is that instead of cutting hair with direct contact as most razors do, the rotary shaver cuts hair almost like scissors do – by trapping the hair between two blades and slicing through it cleanly. It Sounds weird. Keep reading to discover why this method has been around for nearly 100 years!

Why I Switched From a Rotary Shaver for The Head
If you’re like me, you might have used a rotary shaver on your head for years. But why would you decide to try a foil shaver out when you’re so used to a rotary shaver? I decided to branch out and try a foil shaver for the head for a few reasons: - Rotary shavers are loud. I’m not too fond of shaving when everyone else is sleeping in the morning. I’m good at doing things quietly, so I don’t want to wake anyone up. - Rotary shavers are bulky. I’m not too fond of shaving in the morning when everyone else is sleeping because I don’t like being messy. Rotary shavers are bulky and leave behind hair everywhere. - Rotary shavers are slow. I wouldn’t say I like shaving in the morning when everyone else is sleeping because I don’t like being slow. Rotary shavers take twice as long to shave your head as a foil shaver would.

Why I Chose A Foil Shaver Over A Trimmer
One of the main differences between foil shavers and trimmers is the fact that foil shavers cut hair while trimmers don’t. So, if you’re looking for a way to shorten your hair rather than remove it altogether, a trimmer might be the best option. Trimmers are great for maintaining a short hairstyle, but if you want to keep your hair at a certain length and tidy it up, you’re better off with a foil shaver. Foil shavers are especially good at dealing with long hair and getting rid of stray hairs you may have missed with a trimmer.

Reasons You Should Try It Out Too!
- Foil shavers are convenient. - Foil shavers are assertive. - Foil shavers are quiet. - Foil shavers are easy to clean. - Foil shavers are compact. - Foil shavers are gentle. - Foil shavers are efficient.

What To Expect When Switching to A Foil Shaver For The Head
The first thing you’ll notice about a foil shaver is that it’s much more comfortable than a rotary shaver. Rotary shavers are loud and bulky and irritate if you shave too fast. On the other hand, foils are quiet and compact and can be used at a slower pace to minimize irritation. Foils also leave less mess, which is excellent for guys who don’t want to spend much time cleaning up after a shave. The only thing to watch out for with a foil shaver over a rotary shaver is that they’re more challenging to use on long hair. If your hair is longer than half an inch, you might be better off with a rotary shaver.

Final Words
There are many reasons why foil shavers are superior to rotary shavers, but the most important one is this: if you want to be a well-groomed man, you need to shave your head regularly. And if you want to shave your head regularly, you need a powerful shaver to cut through any hair length and style. For these reasons, foil shavers are the better choice for anyone who wants to support a short hairstyle.



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