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Beautiful Fabric Shavers Depilators Sweater Depilators Stainless Steel

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• Stainless Steel Blades :The product features durable stainless steel blades that can easily remove clothes wool and cotton balls.

• Depilator Functionality :This product is a depilator, which means it can effectively remove hair from fabric, leaving it smooth and soft.

• Versatile Use :This product can be used on a variety of fabrics, including sweaters, shirts, and pants, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

• Easy to Use :With its simple design, this product is easy to use and requires no special skills or training.

• Stainless Steel Blades :The razors are made of durable stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting use and efficient depilation.

• Versatile Use :These razors can be used on a variety of fabrics, including wool and cotton, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

• Easy to Use :The razors are designed for easy use, with a comfortable grip and simple operation, making them perfect for beginners and experts alike.

• Lint Removal :The razors are ideal for removing lint and other debris from clothing, ensuring a clean and tidy wardrobe.

Easily remove fabric fluff , fuzz , pill , lint and bobbles from alltypes of clothes and fabric , Such as sweaters , sofa , curtain ,blankets , bedsheets , furniture and so on

Battery PoweredFabric Defuzzer Shaver : Use it at home or take it with youwherever you travel to make sure you always look .

It's aquick and efficient lint remover for sweater pills and otherclothing lint that can make fabrics look less than brandtheadjustable height spacer protects the cloth from being cutor snagged and also Hands from accidentally touching theshaver foil . The safety insurance switch will stop the powerwhen the blade cover is or loosen to protect you or yourchildren


Product Name: Hair Ball Trimmer

Body material: engineering PP

Product size: 85*70*140MM

Rated power: 5W

Product voltage: 110V-240V

Product switch: push mode

Strong Power Motorthe 3-blade rotary knife has a gentlefloating design , and only remove the wool balls but notdamage the fabric of clothes3-sized Holes Mesh which can lock and remove the largeand small hairballs accurately , clean quickly and keep asmooth handle


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